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An investment in our youth today will have a positive impact on their tomorrow! INSPIRE ME INC., presents an exciting "FREE" opportunity to experience a day of empowerment, education, community, and fun-filled activities. 

The summit is designed to build community be creating space that informs, supports, and encourages teens to be their best and enhance their overall wellbeing for the future. 

"Youth Empowered Today"   
Y.E.T Summit 2023

Y.E.T. Summit

Thank you for joining us at the Youth Empowered Today (Y.E.T.) Summit—an inspiring day dedicated to shaping the future of our youth! The 'Be the Best ME!' program brought together a community of young minds, eager to explore, learn, and grow.

Event Highlights

  • Career Exploration:

    • Mock Interviews: Participants gained practical insights into interview skills.

    • Career Map Activity: Interactive sessions helped in understanding and planning future career paths.

  • Financial Literacy:

    • Setting Financial Goals: Workshops focused on creating SMART goals and understanding savings and budgeting.

    • Credit Management: Discussions explored the impact of credit on financial goals.

  • Mastering Your Emotions Workshop:

    • Participants delved into emotional well-being, learning strategies to overcome challenges and inch towards self-mastery.

  • Self-Esteem/Self-Worth Workshop:

    • Engaging discussions facilitated self-reflection on the importance of self-esteem.

  • Using Music for Ourselves Workshop:

    • Exploring the therapeutic power of music, participants discovered how playlists and music-making can be tools for self-expression and learned about music therapy as a potential career.

Summit Program Sponsors

Thank you to our amazing program sponsors: 

  • Community Health Fund (SJC)

  • Community Grant Fund (SJC)

  • Junior League of San Joaquin County

  • Chase Bank

  • Midtown Creperie & Cafe

  • Central Valley Insurance Agency

  • Stockton Charter of the Links INC.


Watch Now: Youth Summit Interview

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