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We provide seminars, workshops and activities that build confidence, resilience, and authentic relationships to empower teenage girls to ‘Be the Best ME.’

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INSPIRE ME, INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to nurturing, educating and empowering teenage girls in the underserved communities of San Joaquin County, California, and surrounding areas. It is important that they are afforded an environment to thrive and develop into young adults who are knowledgeable, equipped and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

D. I.Y.




To inspire life-long learning for teenage girls in underserved communities through literacy, life skills, relationships, education, activities and empowerment.


To build a community of teenage girls who are knowledgeable, equipped, and empowered to break glass ceilings. 'Be the Best ME.'

Our Story 

Alasha Jiles, God-fearing, wife, mother, daughter, and friend to many, has taken a leap of faith to use her gifts, talents and life experiences to pour into a community of well deserving young people.

Broken and ashamed, pregnant at 16, she was determined to beat the odds. As a successful administrative professional, ministry leader, master’s degree recipient, and mother of 5 (2 bonus kids), she understands the challenges teenage girls face at their most vulnerable and impressionable stage of life, where identity, social status and moral values are challenged. This time period is critical in developing them into young adults who are knowledgeable, equipped and empowered to reach their fullest potential.

‘Be the Best ME’ is what Inspire Me, Inc. is all about. Birthed from a place of being misunderstood, ostracized, and discouraged, Alasha recognizes the need to nurture, empower and educate teenage girls. This is a vulnerable age group that warrants the undivided attention of a community committed to building a culture that fosters trust, communication, consistency, and unconditional love that reinforces their value and self-worth.

Through literacy, life skills, education, and activities that build confidence, resilience, and authentic relationships, Inspire Me, Inc. provides an environment that will Nurture. Empower. Educate., girls in underserved communities to ‘Be the Best ME.'

Youth Advisory Committee 

When our youth are empowered, they have the skills, critical awareness, and opportunities to positively impact their own lives and the lives of other individuals, organizations, and communities. To truly empower them, an intentional advisory board was created to:

  • Include them in the decision-making process
  • Understand and implement their honest opinions and ideas
  • Honor their voice
  • Be willing to share our adult power and privilege in order to make the community a better place for them and others

Meet the Youth 

Angelique Munoz

Robyn Jiles

Nevaeh Munoz

Morelle Brooks

Board Members

Alasha Jiles Founder/President

Vaneesa Harris


Lisa Harris


Elizabeth Belvedere


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